Privacy Policy

The requirements represented by the policy commit the company to guarantee a client’s privacy. The Privacy Policy regulates gathering the personal data of customers and putting this information into practice. The stipulations of the policy and the Terms and Conditions Agreement explain how the personal information issuing from the website users is processed. When you apply the site resources, you agree with the approaches to using private data of the customers defined by the present policy.


The site gathers the data, which help identify the users: e-mail, the name of the person, telephone address or/and post address. General demographic characteristics, zip codes, and countries may also comprise the range of identifiable data.

The website receives automatically the information about the package and the hardware components of a user’s computer. Types of browsers, IP addresses, names of domains, the time of a user’s visit to the site and using the resources linked to the site. This kind of information is assigned for customizing the capacities presented by the site and observing the general website statistics.

The customers may be requested for the specifications of the credit cards for realizing the payments. All details of the payment process are stored in a complete safety and are applied securely utilizing the dedicated servers. Do not forget that the website is permitted not to prevent your payment data from disclosing if you use them in the links of third parties’ resources placed here. Consequently, the site may not take the responsibility for the issues of using your payment data by the third part in this case.

The significant clause of the given provisions is the safety of the children’s privacy. The website may not gather intentionally either the identifiable data or another kind of information from anyone under 13, and any content is not designed for the persons under 13. We mention that people under 13 should not visit the pages of the resource and use its services. When the fact of accessing the system by minors without the ascertainment of their parents’ consent, the data referred to visitors are deleted from the database.


The need in appropriate functioning of the resource stipulates the necessity of receiving certain personal information from the customers. Personal identification data are used to provide the users with the information detailing new products and capacities of the resource. The staff often sends the surveys to be aware of the opinion of the users relating to the quality of services produced by the company and new products.

The company may not inform the third party about the users having the profiles on the website. We may present the users’ private identifiable information to the collaborators for analyzing statistics of the site, sending the notifications in different ways to the customers or/and assure the timely delivery.

When a user is subscribed to the newsletter, the site may utilize the identification data for the perfection of the email marketing. The private information of the customers has been fully protected anyway. Any third party cooperation with the company is forbidden from applying the customers’ identification’s data to any task, except to assure the quality of the services offered by the site. All partners of the company also protect the confidentiality of the client privacy.

The site does not sell or pass to third parties such private data as religion, political and religious views, the race without the customer approval expressed clearly.

The company observes the resources used by the customers within the website. It helps to know more about the aspects of the subject attracting the most of the audience’s interest.


The company has right to disclose the personal information of the users either according to the current law requirements or with the aim to save the reputation of the site. The website may disclose the private data of the users in the cases defined as follows:

• Compliance with the provisions of the applied law and legal practices referred to the site or the company;

• Protection of the ownership and other rights of the present company;

• Public safety, the safety of the site users.


The links to third party resources may be placed on the website for helping the visitors to find more various information about the topics they are interested in. These sites treat the private customer information according to their own policies. We advise all our users learn about the privacy provisions of the third party sites. We do not take responsibility for using the private information of the clients by other websites and for their contents.


The website collects the data characterizing the internet connection of the customers by means of cookies, which the users receive on their PCs while entering the site. Cookies are the text files getting by a customer computer during the site pages visiting. They are not able to run software or distribute viruses. Cookies can be got only by a certain user they are delivered. Only the server of the site sending cookies can read the information from them. Website practices cookies delivery to facilitate the work of a user of the resource.

Customers’ IP addresses, domains, data about internet access, browsers are collected by the site. This information is not designed for identifying the users and helping to calculate the statistics of visiting the resource. It does not refer to any personal identification.

The main task of cookies is to simplify accessing the website and handling the content. A cookie informs the system that you need to visit the page you entered before. It saves your time and is advantageous for the efficiency of your work as you can find the necessary information instantly. The customization of the information search and analysis is a significant advantage of cookies.

The usage of cookies is optional. If you consider that they are unnecessary, you may easily stop receiving cookies. You should only change the settings of the browser. Note that the refusal to use cookies results in decreasing the capacities of your interaction with the site.

The third party websites also use cookies. Our users receive them visiting these services by means of the given site. We do not regulate the cookies policy of other sites.


Personal data of the customers and their content placed on the resource may be stored and treated by the main server of the website. Having registered on the website, you automatically consent to allow for us processing your personal data according to the present privacy provisions. The site takes all necessary measures to guarantee the safety of your privacy excluding completely the possibility of incorrect usage, damage or modification of the received information. The main server provides the area of security where your information is under the protection from any inappropriate usage or access.

The verification of the user first to access the site includes the requests for the password and user’s ID to avoid any case of scamming or inappropriate usage of personal information.

If you delete your profile from the site, the data can be stored on the server during some period of time. They are protected from being disclosed or transferred to any third party for any purpose anyway.

Leaving the review with the opinion related to the services, you let the company refer the testimonial to your profile without any commercial purpose. The company has right to store your comment on the site.

When you consider that your feedbacks can draw negative effects on the educational activity, you may ask the assistance team for deleting your comments.

Delivering the data by means of the internet is not completely safe. The site does not bring the responsibility for the safety of the private information if they are sent to us through the internet. You take all risks connected to the electronic data transfer.


The company modifies the present policy sometimes with the aim to correspond with the expectancies of the customers expressed in their feedbacks. All amendments are usually represented by noticeable banners on the pages of the website. Nevertheless, we please our customers to observe the policy to be always aware of any update to the present policy.

You may always unsubscribe from our newsletter and other notifications using the link for unsubscribing or sending the letter on our email.


We appreciate the opinions of our customers. If a user considers that the stipulations of the applied policy are not followed by the company, one should contact our support staff through email. Competent specialists examine the situation and solve the problem to the mutual satisfaction.